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Meet Josh: Ben & Jerry’s Superfan!

At Ben & Jerry’s, we’re constantly blown away by the showers of love we get from fans and friends, and this summer’s Core Tour has been no exception. When standup comedian, Josh Levesque, tweeted us that he’d get an ice cream tattoo in exchange for free Ben & Jerry’s, we raced over to dish up some scoops—and to see if this guy was the real deal. Turns out, he was! With a scoop in hand and a smile on his face, Josh was determined to keep up his side of the bargain.

Over at Prix Tattoo in West Hollywood, we watched talented tattoo artist, Danny Dunbar, ink a giant ice cream cone onto Josh’s leg. With fifteen years of experience under his belt, Danny perfectly recreated everything an ideal Ben & Jerry’s cone should be—crunchy waffle goodness on the bottom, chunky scoops on top, and above all else, delightfully euphoric.

When it came down to choosing the flavors, Josh went with his favorites: Mint chocolate Cookie, Late Night Snack, and Phish Food. After an hour and a half of work, the masterpiece was complete.

All of us at Ben & Jerry’s have a philosophy: let’s love our customers more than they love us! So, in a gesture of gratitude, we’re giving Josh a year’s worth of free pints to thank him for his commitment. (We talked about getting Josh’s name tattooed on our legs as a nod back, but it turns out some people are afraid of needles…).

Let us know what you think of the Cores, Josh!

Want to see more of Josh’s favorite tattoos? Keep up with him on Twitter.